Want To Become A Better Cheerleader?

Take One of Our Classes!

We offer Open Power Tumbling and Jump Classes! It's getting close to tryout season and what better way to get better than to take one or all of our classes!

Did you know that on average more than 80% of the cheerleaders trying out at the upcoming high school tryouts train at a gym? Did you know that hundreds of cheerleaders in just the Arlington area train at a gym year round? Did you know, you could be just as good as them if you start training today? Our Classes are here to help you through tryout season and make you the best cheerleader possible! Close to your backhandspring but don't have it by yourself yet? We can help! Need to make your jumps look better with proper technique or just need your legs higher? We can help! Don't have a clue about anything cheerleading and need help getting started? We can help!

Power Tumbling $75 per month (includes 1 class per week):

Tuesday 6-7 pm Level 1 and 2 

Wednesday 6:30-7:30 pm Level 2 and 3 


Jump Class $15 per class:

Tuesday  7:00-8:00 pm

Don't like large crowds and need private instruction with tumbling, jumps, or stunts (requires group)? We have a solution for you!

email us at info@cheeracademy.com about private lessons for the low rate of $30 per half hour. (excludes stunt privates due to need for extra staff).